New products



CTC HOLDINGS designed a new range of VIP style casino tables.

Please see the new tables on our stand S8-129 at ICE 2017.


CTC HOLDINGS designed a new improved model of casino pit stands.

CTC HOLDINGS has designed a new range of
custom made chairs and bar tables.

 CTC HOLDINGS presents a new deluxe model of gaming chair
suitable both for casino tables and slot machines.

Elegant modern design is combined with an ergonomic seat.

CTC HOLDINGS supplied custom designed casino tables and chairs
for the new Olympic Park Casino at Tallinn Hilton hotel.


In 2016 CTC HOLDINGS launched a new model
of AR winning number display with LED strips.

Multi colour interactive LED strips reflect progress
and results of the gaming process.

CTC HOLDINGS offers a new range of light weight inexpensive tables

with foldable legs for fun casinos and for private use.

Have fun during the seasonal holidays!




CTC HOLDINGS manufactures a new range of

light weight and inexpensive poker tables with folding legs 

for tournaments and home use.



 CTC HOLDINGS supplied new custom design equipment
for the VIP room of Olympic Voodoo casino in Riga.



 In cooperation with Excelsior Gaming CTC HOLDINGS offers
on line gaming solutions to land based casinos.

For live demonstration please visit CTC stand # S7-130 at ICE 2015.

 CTC HOLDINGS always meets customer's requirements
for bespoke design tables.



CTC HOLDINGS developed a new range of Wheels of Fortune.
Our Wheels of Fortune can be standard or custom-designed.

This product is suitable both for cash games and promotions.


New range of bar tables with custom design. 

In cooperation with CARO CTC HOLDINGS manufactures
a new style gaming table with modern design.

 New dealer chair in modern design for maximum comfort.





 CTC Holdings manufactures Wheels of Fortune and corresponding tables. 

CTC Holdings offers attractive prices and bespoke design for these products.

 New hybrid LED displays with multimedia capabilities.

Casino logo, table minimum and maximum, promotional information
plus bright winning numbers visible from a long distance.

Attractive prices and design flexibility.



New range of casino tables. 

New range of casino and slot chairs. 

New range of casino and poker chairs. 


 New range of slot chairs.



 CTC HOLDINGS designed a new range of VIP style gaming chairs.

Chairs bases can be in chrome or golden finish.

Chairs are fitted with self-return swivel mechanisms or gas lifts.


 CTC HOLDINGS exhibited at ICE 2012 in London a new range of
VIP style gaming tables.

New tables have black piano finish and LED lights under the bases.


CTC HOLDINGS started manufacturing of roulette wheels
with integrated optical readers.

This product can be connected with various LED and
TFT displays or with gaming terminals.

CTC HOLDINGS electronic Texas Hold'em poker table

 CTC HOLDINGS started manufacturing of electrocnic
Texas Hold'em poker tables. Software was developed by DGL PRO s.r.l. 

International release of the new electronic poker table
under the brand name of CLUB MASTER is scheduled for ICE 2011
in London at CTC HOLDINGS stand #3315.


CTC HOLDINGS roulette wheel certified by TUV Germany

CTC HOLDINGS American roulette wheels were certified
by TUF Nord for the German market.

First two roulette wheels are already in operation
in RP5 Casino in Hannover.

CTC HOLDINGS VIP style roulette table with roulette wheel and winning number display   
The Super Light System (SLS) can be installed on various models of tables.
Using a remote control it is possible to change the illumination colour.

Operators can either choose a permanent illumination colour
or make a sequence of changing colours.

CTC HOLDINGS VIP style card table with Super Light System
For a modest extra cost SLS makes casino tables incredibly eye-catching.

Operators can also match the illumination colours with the colour of their table layouts
or their casino interior decoration.

CTC HOLDINGS designed a new model of a poker table
for TV broadcasts of poker tournaments.

The new poker table not only meets all specification for TV broadcasting,
but it also has attractive casino style design.

Light boxes incorporated in the base of the table
can be used for promotions and sponsorships.
CTC HOLDINGS TV poker table

CTC HOLDINGS casino gaming tables cloths layouts

CTC HOLDINGS manufactures standard and bespoke design poker table cloths.

- Hard wearing professional fabric.
- Resistant to liquid spills and burns.
- High definition digital printing.
- Any promotional or theme design.
- Printed area up to 1600 mm wide.
No design origination charges.
No minimum order quantity. Fixed price of 110 euro per one cloth.

CTC HOLDINGS casino gaming chairs
CTC HOLDINGS presents a new range of gaming chairs with new features
for maximum comfort, namely, armrest and drink and ashtray holder. 


Casino Media System can send JPG images and slide show presentations
from one central computer to up to 250 displays.

Each display is fitted with a controller and therefore it is possible to use
one standard PC with Windows XP that is already installed in a casino pit desk.

Casino Media System changes table minimums and maximums, game rules, payouts
and promotional slide shows at a touch of a button on your pit desk computer.

More information and technical description here...

CTC HOLDINGS offers a new range of ergonomic chairs for casinos and slot halls.

New chairs have ergonomic seats for maximum comfort. 
All new models can be fitted with self return swivel 
or  height adjustable swivel mechanisms.


CTC HOLDINGS poker chairs

CTC HOLDINGS offers its new range of chairs for Stud poker.
Chairs have solid constructions and they are fitted with wheels
and height adjustable swivel mechanism.

CTC HOLDINGS is expanding its wide range of gaming chairs.
New custom-design chair has been developed upon customer's request.

The ShufflePro™ shuffler increases security and
productivity on your casino floor. It can be used your poker tables
or in the main pit on games using one or two decks.

CTC HOLDINGS has added a new model to its range of card tables.
This table has a stable base that allows covering from view electronic equipment
such as management and Jackpot systems.

The table is also fitted with a new PowerFloat,
which is operated using an electric motor and high security switch lock.

PowerFloat has a transparent plastic cover that slides in and out.
New CTC HOLDINGS PowerFloat is easier and safer to operate than traditional chip trays.

Find more about PowerFloat below.

New PowerFloat*

CTC HOLDINGS has developed a revolutionary cash chips float tray for card tables.
New PowerFloat is operated using an electric motor with high security mechanical switch lock.

PowerFloat has a transparent plastic cover that slides in and out.

There is no traditional cover.
PowerFloat is easier and safer to operate than traditional floats.

* See also about PowerFlot below.


CASINO MEDIA SYSTEM is a distribution and control system designed for casinos.

CASINO MEDIA SYSTEM connects all casino display devices TFT winning number displays,
card table TFT displays, plasma screens and TVs to a full range of media sources:

- Audio/Video
- Video camera
- PC (Flash animations, images, movies, etc... )

CASINO MEDIA SYSTEM is an excellent tool to promote your casino to your customers!


CTC HOLDINGS has designed a lamp stand which provides excellent illumination of the roulette table and incorporates surveillance cameras and a video reader for TFT winning number display.
CTC HOLDINGS roulette table with casino lamp stand

The new lamp stand can be manufactured in Classic or techo styles using different finishes and veneers.
Matching stands can be also made for the card tables.


CTC HOLDINGS has designed a new range of tables with perforated barrel bases and bright light coming from inside.

CTC HOLDINGS modern style card table with light system

The tables can be manufactured in Classic or techno styles with brass or stainless still accessories.
Differen colors of light blue, red, green etc. can be used.

CTC HOLDINGS modern style roulette table with light system


PowerFloat is a card table float tray, which is automatically opened and closed by an electric power switch.
The switch can be operated only by using a special high security key.

PowerFloat has a transparent plastic cover, which allows counting the chips without opening the float tray.

The cover slides into the table when the dealer presses the switch button.

There is no need to lift the cover and to put it under the table.
The whole procedure looks better and takes much less time.

The cover of a traditional float tray often is damaged or it damages the table.
This problem is solved with our revolutionary PowerFloat.

For additional security the words table closed can be placed on the cover for the sake of video surveillance.

It is also possible to operate PowerFloat from the pit desk.


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